Netri is the nickname of one of the founders of the foundation. A nickname he received in his infancy, when he was a child. We wanted the foundation to have a child’s name as it is the children who are the main beneficiaries and participants of the foundation.

The reddish colour of the logo is an earth colour. We want our projects to be based on the needs of small local communities and for them to receive the benefits. When we think of these communities, as well as seeing the children and their simple homes, we see the earth, reddish and remote, symbol of the forgotten and of the needs of these communities, far away from the paved streets of civilization.

It is not difficult to guess that this curve symbolizes a smile. It is the smile of the poor children of the world which shines out despite their difficult circumstances. A smile they show you every time you see and greet them and a smile which is also the result of our projects.