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 Netri Microcredit Fund

 Netri Social Impact Investment Fund

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"My hero isn’t necessarily the President of a country or a Prime Minister. My hero is any person who has declared war on poverty."
Nelson Mandela


Construction of 19 wells for the supply of drinking water.

Tigray, Ethiopia

Beneficiaries: 5.562
Total amount: 38.573 €
Executed by: A Glimmer of Hope/ Relief Society of Tigray

Tigray is one of the poorest regions of Ethiopia, mainly due to droughts, armed conflicts, a lack of natural resources and a lack of infrastructure in the area. Malnutrition and illnesses due to the consumption of contaminated water are commonplace. Furthermore; deforestation, soil erosion and a lack of rain have drastically reduced the already scarce sources of drinking water in the area. For all of these reasons, the levels of infant mortality are incredibly high.

The project consists of the construction of 19 wells, which will provide drinking water to more than 5,500 people from the districts of Laelay Maischew and Adua and the formation of 18 committees with a total of 108 members, which shall be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the wells in the future. 

It is thereby intended to improve the general quality of life of these families by achieving: 

- A substantial improvement to their health by avoiding the consumption of contaminated water,
  which is the main cause of their illnesses.
- To reduce the workload of women and give them time for more productive tasks.
- To increase the school attendance of girls by 5% by freeing them from having to spend their
   time looking for water.
- An increase in the daily water consumption per person from 5 to 15 litres/day.
- A reduction in the time taken to collect water from 1 hour to 15 minutes (and change from
   using an undrinkable source to one that is).



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