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 Netri Microcredit Fund

 Netri Social Impact Investment Fund

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"My hero isn’t necessarily the President of a country or a Prime Minister. My hero is any person who has declared war on poverty."
Nelson Mandela


Provision of water supply to a school through the construction
    of a pipe system

Tigray, Ethiopia

Beneficiaries: 995 students, along with their teachers.
Total amount: 5.140 €
Executed by:A Glimmer of Hope/ Relief Society of Tigray
Year: 2008

Tigray is one of the poorest regions of Ethiopia, mainly due to droughts, armed conflicts, a lack of natural resources and a lack of infrastructure in the area. Malnutrition and illnesses due to the consumption of contaminated water are commonplace. Furthermore, deforestation, soil erosion and a lack of rain have drastically reduced the already scarce sources of drinking water in the area. For all of these reasons, the levels of infant mortality are incredibly high.

This project consists in the construction and burial of 800 metres of tubing with a diameter of 60 cm in order to carry water from a well located in the city of Mai-Kinetal to the school itself.
Two water supply points will be built in the school, each with 6 taps and an extension to the toilets with two taps for girls and two for boys.



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