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 Netri Microcredit Fund

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"I have the audacity to think that one day all the people in the entire world, without exception, will have food for their body three times a day, education and culture for their mind, and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirit."
Martin Luther King, Jr.


>Construction of 6 water wells to supply drinking water

Tigray, Ethiopia

Beneficiaries: 2,850 people (570 families)
Total input: €14,306
Carried out by: A Glimmer of Hope / Tigray Relief Society
Year: 2007

Tigray is one of the poorest regions of Ethiopia, primarily due to its droughts, armed conflicts, few natural resources and poor infrastructure.  Here, malnutrition and water-borne diseases are nothing out of the ordinary.  On the other hand, deforestation, soil-erosion and infrequent rainfall have greatly reduced the already scarce drinking water sources in the region.  Due to all of this, the infant-mortality rate is extremely high.

The majority of beneficiaries of the project are farmers who cultivate their own land, which is usually half a hectare and completely insufficient for feeding an average family of 5.  They usually have to turn to food aid programs for help. 

The project consists in the construction of 6 community wells that supply drinking water to 570 families in the region (2,850 people) and in the training of 36 committees who will administer the wells in the future.

In this way it is hoped that the general quality of life of these families will improve by achieving:

• A substantial improvement in health by eliminating the consumption of contaminated water, the primary cause of disease in this region.
• A reduced work load for women and the possibility of dedicating themselves to more productive tasks.
• An increase of 5% in the school attendance rate of girls, as they no longer have to spend their time collecting water.
• An increase in the consumption of water per person from 5 to 15 litres a day.
• A reduction in the time taken to collect water from 2 hours to 20 minutes (and changing from contaminated water sources to drinking water sources).

In the end the number of beneficiaries of the project was greater than expected: a total of 3,560, one of which was Mrs Zafu Birhane.



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